Lightning Toads is the brand label for games, entertainment and other fun mobile projects developed and released by LT Engineering Software

We have a special focus on mobile platforms including iOS, Android (SDK and NDK), and WindowsCE. Our powerful toadlet engine demonstrates this commitment, and forms the backbone of most of our projects.

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Our flagship product is the toadlet engine, a versatile software toolkit ideal for building powerful, streamlined 3D applications across a wide range of operating systems and the top smartphone devices. Toadlet is being released under the GNU LGPL v3 license in the very near future. Keep an eye on the google code page for details.


While most of our entertainment applications are developed for partner companies, we've written a few self published games for mobile devices.


We are strong believers in mobile computing and the positive effects always-on devices coupled with always-available data. Our ability to think big, work fast and optimize small makes mobile our strongest development platform.